Clan of Cain

Blackness... The flicker of light, no air. light again.. more distant.. the taste of dust.  ringing in ears becoming a roar and then.... Chaos

Tribe Of Able

   As the military vehicle slowly drove past the old farmhouse,  the driver could see a "government" issued truck on the side of the house. He could also see that someone was trying to hide it with camo netting and that they had given it a piss poor paint job.
I'll be damned if I'm just let another one drive off. The driver "Stewart" thought to himself.

As the military transport pulled into the farmhouse drive the children ran for the farmhouse.
the front door slammed shut just as sergeant Stewart stepped down from the military transport.

 Gilbert crawled out from under the hood of the broken Hummer
Looks like one of ours he said cutting straight to the point.
It is Gilbert said but it's broken.
Well let's load it up Sgt. Stuart ordered. Trying to avoid conflict Gilbert began putting tools back in his toolbox. The Hummer was trashed anyways without parts.
Just then a crow in the front yard began to kaw and several in the backyard sitting on a fence began to answer.
It's a sign. it's a sign! Screamed a woman bursting from the farm house. Kill him! Kill him now! The farmhouse door burst open and a Russian-made machine gun hammered death into the front yard. In the silence that followed the crows flew away and from a farm in mile and a half away more Russian machine gun fire could be heard. We are not safe here was all that Gilbert could think. The women and children are in danger here. The sound of a motorcycle starting up came from somewhere and jet could be heard close by. a big diesel engine started rumbling in the distance.
Death had come to Kansas.
It was time to go.